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SHALE GAS & UNCONVENTIONAL GAS SUMMIT 2011 | 11-14 April 2011 | Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Shale Gas & Unconventional Gas Summit 2011

Conquering the Potentials of Unconventional Gas by Mastering the use of Production Technology as well as Ensuring Return on Investment

“The only conference that brings the most significant dialogue between government bodies, national & international oil companies, independent exploration & production companies, technology providers, service & consulting companies on the global dynamics of unconventional gas industry and shaping its future”

Has the emergence of unconventional gases changed the gas market today? What used to be a global dominance in the gas industry has now taken a drastic change thanks to the breakthrough in unconventional gas across America. Does it stop there? Many discoveries and developments are now taking place in Asia, Europe, Middle East and selected African countries, whether its shale gas, coalbed methane, tight gas or gas hydrates. China who is one of the biggest importers of conventional gas now realizes the huge potentials of CBM & Shale Gas. Will China continue to rely on conventional gases, or will China’s future developments of this unconventional gas reserves threaten the very existence of conventional gases? How will India fare in the unconventional gas world given its recent acquisition of shale gas in the US? Will Indonesia go forth with shale gas exploitation to meet the growing energy demand? What should Petronas observe for investment and funding for the growth and expansion of shale gas & CBM in Australia? Will shale gas transform UK’s energy policy? Will concerns of environmental damage hinder the production and development of shale gas in Europe? What are the potentials for unconventional gas in Africa & Middle East and what are the main challenges faced in these developments?

What this summit serves to do is to bring you the latest developments, market trends & trade movements, clarifies regulatory uncertainties, educate you about the best practices for expansion of unconventional gas, what are the cost and return of investments of such exploitations, financing and investing opportunities & outlook, what are the environmental implications of exploiting these reserves, what are the opportunities and challenges faced, the importance of strategic partnership as well as mergers & acquisitions in the growth and development of unconventional gas reserves, the effects on gas pricing, the use of unconventional gas for power generations, the impact of unconventional gas on LNG, what are the leading technologies to accelerate the growth of shale gas & CBM.

Hearing from a panel of experts who actively deals with the unconventional gas market, you will be exposed to in-depth insights of major domestic and international markets addressing the best strategies, approaches, techniques, innovations as well as the current and future market of unconventional gas in spite of the recent economic conditions. This summit will also serve as a platform for all national, international and independent companies to network and share business ideas and experiences.


For Speaking Opportunities:

Please Contact:

Rekha Kaur

Conference Manager

DID: +65 6557 9187

FAX: +65 6557 9188



For Enquiries about Sponsorship and Exhibition Opportunities, for the summit,

Please contact:


Thomas Ooi

Senior Manager – Business Development

DID: +65 6557 9168

FAX: +65 6557 9188



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