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Neoedge Training Brings Tendering & Bidding Master Classes in Johannesburg and Ghana

Tendering & Bidding Master Class Meets Demand for New and Experienced Practitioners in two venues: Accra, Ghana and Johannesburg, South Africa

Singapore, Singapore, 19 June 2011 – Tendering and bidding is all about winning. Achieving a win-win situation and developing a sustainable tendering and bidding system are critical to any organization which desires to grow profitably and sustainably. In this upcoming Masterclass, the modules are specially designed to be pertinent to both new and experienced practitioners. This incisive, practical and extensive course will be led by two of the world’s best Bid Directors from Tender Management Consultancy Ltd., Martin Newton and Mike Raynor. It will happen in ACCRA, Ghana on 25-27 July 2011 at the Hotel Novotel Accra City Centre and Johannesburg, South Africa on 13 – 15 September at the Holiday Inn Sandton.

This Masterclass is designed to help participants increase the chances of winning public and private sector contracts and improve their strike rate. Amongst other things, they will learn how to develop effective winning processes, maximise the most out of their supply chain, reduce cost, manage risk and put themselves ahead of the competition. Eventually, the Masterclass will allow participants to appreciate the finer points in tendering and bidding and be ‘specialists’, therefore adding professional value to their organizations.

Mr. Jonathan Ng, a spokesperson and Business Development Officer from Neoedge Events said, “The training workshop is very crucial for businesses in winning bids or tenders and another key factor is the quality of the trainers that we have on board the event. Naturally, the participants will be ahead of the market and improve on their competitive advantage by joining the Tendering & Bidding Master Class.”

Tendering & Bidding Master Class 2011:

Expert Trainers: Martin Newton and Mike Raynor

Bid Directors at Tender Management Consultancy Ltd

ACCRA, Ghana

25-27 July 2011

Johannesburg, South Africa

13-15 September 2011

As Herman Zaidin, Project Manager at Neoedge said: “The participants will learn on the global best practices and innovative techniques from leading experts delivered with an African perspective. The interactive activities, real projects and case studies presented in the workshop will deepen the comprehension of participants. It will also sharpen their tendering and bidding skills and help them develop a winning effective system that they can sustainably replicate. This will eventually increase their competitive advantage and strike rate and strategically differentiate themselves from the rest of the competition.”


About Neoedge Events

Neoedge is a top-notch business media and consulting company that aims to serve the corporate world with integrity and excellence by providing cutting edge business intelligences and creating high value networking opportunities.

Neoedge identifies pressing issues that the corporate world is facing. Neoedge events are developed based on careful and original research including extensive and direct interactions with potential participants in the market. Neoedge events are distinguished by delivering premier value to customers in a sustainable means.

Neoedge is headquartered in Singapore. Neoedge has been organising premier events all around the world including in Hamburg, Dubai, Accra, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Mumbai, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Perth, Manila, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Port of Spain in Trinidad & Tobago and Shanghai etc.

Neoedge is your long term reliable corporate business partner.

Media Contact:

Eugene Azucena

+65 6557 9185; FAX: +65 6557 9188

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