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Foremost experts on Loyalty to present at the upcoming 3rd Customer Loyalty Asia Programme & CRM Summit in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 25 August 2011 — LoyaltyOne will be presenting at the 3rd Customer Loyalty Asia Programme and CRM Summit on 26-29 September at the New World Hotel Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

3rd Customer Loyalty Asia Program & CRM Summit is the largest gathering of Loyalty & CRM experts from various industries and this third instalment is dedicated to the emerging markets. Aside from meeting high-level practitioners in the event, learning the best practices and the exploration of global brands in the emerging markets, the delegates will be equipped with the current loyalty programs and CRM platforms available currently.

This year’s Silver Sponsor, LoyaltyOne, will not only present on their latest loyalty programs, but go beyond by holding a Pre-Conference Workshop on the 26th September, entitled, “Tapping the Loyalty Vein: Blueprinting, Implementing and Measuring a Solid Customer Relationship Strategy.” It will be led by no other than the experienced loyalty expert, Sol Zia, Senior Director at LoyaltyOne and Contributing Editor at Colloquy. This interactive workshop aims to explore and discuss on the development of loyalty understanding, building of mutually beneficial relationships through program preparation and real case studies that will lead to the learning of return on investment metrics for businesses.

On his article, “Putting a Loyalty Marketing Test & Measurement Plan Under the Microscope”, Sol Zia wrote, “While loyalty marketing is both art and science, practitioners who hope to demonstrate return-on-investment (ROI) to their executive teams must be scientists first and foremost. Before you roll out a new program or strategy across your enterprise, you must develop a sound testing and measurement system designed to prove the efficacy of your plan in a controlled environment. For ongoing initiatives, you test and measure to make sure that you’re meeting your corporate marketing objectives. If you aren’t, then you need to recalibrate your program or adjust your expectations. If you are, then it may be time to raise the bar higher.”

Come and see demonstrations in Loyalty & CRM space. Inspiring speakers like Scott Ray, VP International at LoyaltyOne will present on New Research: India’s Attitudes and Perceptions about Loyalty. The lineup of speakers will provide an interesting common platform and at the same time introduce, explain and debate the latest developments and trends both educational and industrial: The New Consumer Expectations in the 21st century, Generating Incremental Business, Examining the Channels and Cost of Communications, Customer Centric Strategies and making an impact through Real Time Loyalty Promotions & Campaigns, among others.

The 3rd Customer Loyalty Asia Program & CRM Summit offers a platform where both developed and emerging market leaders can meet, share their particular experiences, and showcase concrete examples of technology solutions that have succeeded in their respective countries. This annual event also serves as an enabler to replicate solutions in light of the increasing demand for loyalty / partnership marketing solutions and the importance of value sharing. International experts will also present relevant experiences from countries outside of the continent to attract more new players to take part in discussing challenges and solutions in the field of Loyalty & CRM.

3rd Customer Loyalty Asia Program & CRM Summit, organised by Neoedge in partnership with LoyaltyOne and Colloquy with support from the Loyalty Marketing Russia, Media Buzz Singapore, Mind Commerce, Customer Service Manager,, The Wise Marketer and CRMXchange.


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3rd Customer Loyalty Asia Program & CRM Summit 2011,

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