Neoedge to unveil Africa mining conference in Ghana

by Rueburn Liang

Neoedge is set to hold the maiden edition of the Africa Mining Investment and Development Summit (AMIDS) 2013 in Accra, Ghana, mid of the year. The conference, which will hold between 9th to 11th July, is aimed to understand the mining and investment potential of Africa, and resolve challenges and barriers that will be encountered along the way.

Organised by Neoedge, headquartered in Singapore, it aims to bring mining industry’s best speakers and delegates. Neoedge will provide a platform to network with not only the mining and mineral exploration companies but expect to meet regulators, engineering support companies, upstream and downstream mining sector infrastructure development organisations, financial institutions, advisory and consultancy firms.

According to a statement issued by the organizer, “Neoedge will provide insights from various stakeholders, broaden understanding of the mining and investment potential of Africa, and resolve challenges along the way. We aim to provide a platform to continuously advance Africa mining industry’s pioneers and new entrants.”

Ghana has grown to be the ideal mining destination of the recent times due to its consistent efforts to work together with foreign mining companies in its endeavour on prudent use of its natural resources to promote sustainable and equal economic growth. Its mining industry now offers vast opportunities to discover their local mineral rich resources.

Speaking about the conference, Neoedge Conference Producer, Ms Chloe San Jose, said AMIDS 2013 aims to provide a platform to create business and build relationships in the local and international mining arena. It is a venue that boasts an interesting mix of people with the same goal of harnessing the potential of African mining industry and this thought provoking conference will leave attendees an urge to continuously learn from the exquisite African journey, she added.

From $995.2 million dollars in 2005, Ghana made $2.76 billion dollars revenue from mineral resources during the half-year of 2012 according to Ghana Chamber of Mines on August 2012. It is an indication that Ghana is one of the fast rising countries in the global mining industry.

Neoedge Executive Director, Thomas Ooi mentioned, “having received much requests from our clients to organize this conference since last year, we are happy to present AMIDS 2013 to the mining community in Africa. We hope to create opportunities for joint corporation & investment which eventually will bring economic growth in Africa.”

Today, Ghana is continuously facing local challenges and global implications with its attempt for mining industry reform. Its foreign investment regime is continuously improved to keep up with global mining investment environment as positive outlook lies ahead.

Some of the speakers expected at the conference include Stephen Piedu – Chief Inspector of Mines for Minerals Commission Ghana, Dr. Toni Aubynn – Chief Executive for Ghana Chamber of Mines, Bheki Sibiya – Chief Executive of South Africa Chamber of Mines, Hon. Stephen Julius Masele – Deputy Minister for Energy and Minerals of Tanzania, Hon. Gift Chimanikire – Minister for Zimbabwe Ministry of Mines and Mining Development, Dr. Willem Smuts – CEO of Pangolin Diamonds Corporation.

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