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Mastering Financial Modelling 2015 | The Capital Empire, Johannesburg, South Africa | 7th – 10th July 2015

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About the Market Dynamics in 2015
Companies worldwide are becoming increasingly aware of the responsibilities they have to follow best practice corporate governance. This applies to all aspects of their business, including financial modelling, where companies need to ensure that their decisions are supported by robust models that can be easily reviewed and audited.

With many companies also experiencing an increased focus on cost control and analysis, and many others seeking to take advantage of weaker competitors, the need for sound financial modelling to support strategic business decisions has never been greater!

About this Course

We begin by covering the advanced areas of Excel that are relevant to Financial Modelling, Valuations and Project Evaluation. This focus provides a huge productivity gain when working in these areas.

We next move on to the Financial Modelling & Project Finance components. This is where participants will develop sound understanding of both the principles of financial modelling and their application to real-world situations through the use of spreadsheets.

We then build upon the financial modelling principles and best practices learned to apply these to company valuations and project finance. This is where participants improve their mastery of the principles and concepts and develop critical skills to apply in practical applications.

Finally, the course describes how to both detect and prevent errors from occurring to ensure models are effective, practical and robust.

*Participants are to bring their own laptops with Excel installed.

What You Are Going to Learn

  • Effective and practical working knowledge of the most useful functions in Excel for financial modelling.
  • Robust and sound understanding of financial modelling and valuation concepts.
  • Experience in designing solutions to real-world financial modelling challenges.
  • Application of modelling principles to company valuation, project evaluation and costing models
  • Financial Model Auditing
  • Automated Model Generation Tools

What You Are Going to Achieve

  • Master! precise working knowledge of the most useful functions in Excel for financial modelling
  • Improve! your productivity level and apply what you learn to your job to further your career.
  • Sound! understanding of financial modelling concepts
  • Design! effective solutions to real-world financial modelling challenges
  • Maximum! hands-on experience
  • Detect! and prevent errors from recurring
  • Comprehensive! course notes and CD which includes worked examples, suggested solutions, reference materials, and a large variety of templates that can be immediately applied to kick-start your projects!

For a copy of the FULL AGENDA, please send email to:

Eugene Azucena
Senior Marketing Manager
Telephone: +65 6557 9168
Twitter: @NeoedgeSG

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