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7th Customer Loyalty Programme & CRM China Summit 2016 | 第七届客户忠诚计划及CRM中国峰会2016 Hotel Pullman Shanghai Skyway, Shanghai, China, 26-27 May 2016

Win the Competitive Market through Successful Customer Loyalty Programs and CRM amid New Dynamics such as Social Media


Neoedge is proud to announce The 7th Customer Loyalty Programme and CRM China Summit 2016 to be held in Shanghai, China on 26-27 May 2016. The summit will focus on the flourishing and fast developing loyalty and CRM market in China. This market is currently undergoing unprecedented development and changes, at the same time showing huge potential business opportunities. Any domestic or international companies, who want to develop and implement successful customer loyalty programs and strategies in China, should be updated with fine understanding of the key market developments and challenges in China.

Recognizing this strong market demand, Neoedge is organizing The 7th Customer Loyalty Programme and CRM China Summit 2016 based on first-hand market research. This summit will provide relevant domestic and foreign companies an efficient and interactive platform for business intelligence gaining and networking.

The following key topics will be addressed in depth with Case Studies and Real Examples:

Customer Insights
Customer Experience Management and Customer Relationship Management;
Integration of Social Media and Loyalty & CRM;
Integration of Ecommerce and CRM (ECRM);
How to financially and non-financially make best use of social media to develop customer loyalty & CRM program, taking into consideration that the social media tools evolve fast;
How to analyze and manage customer data, and leverage it for loyalty and CRM;
Analysis of various channels to interact with customers and adopt the suitable ones;
How to achieve win-win situation for merchants and members;
Online to offline (O2O) commerce model;
Pros and cons of Coalition Loyalty Programs
How to make use of Points Currency;
How to adapt international loyalty program in China market;
Loyalty behavior in the luxury sector
Loyalty & CRM Strategy for Small to Mid-Scale Companies
Loyalty and CRM Campaign Management
Other topics

The speakers and panelists of this summit will be the C-level executives from both local and international companies. They are the leading innovators in the market and have the proven track record experience.

For Enquiries about the Agenda, Delegate Registration, Media and Endorsement Proposals, Please contact:

Eugene Azucena
Senior Marketing Manager
+65 6557 9185

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