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The mineral industry of Africa is one of the largest mineral industries in the world. For many African countries, mineral exploration and production constitute significant proportion of their Gross Product and remain key to future economic development. Africa is richly endowed with mineral resources and ranks high in quantity and quality of various commodities with gold mining being Africa’s main mining resource.

Mineral Resource Estimation

Mineral Resources and their subsequent conversion to reserves are critical to mining companies. The robust and reliable estimation of resources is the basis to both confidence during project development and profits during day-to-day operation of a mine. Any company expecting to make sound investments or operational decisions must estimate its resources with relevant and reliable information, as well as best practices and methods.

The workshop is aimed at professionals who are interested in discussing real world applications of resource estimation techniques. Mathematics and theoretical developments are held to a minimum. Presentations will explain the underlying assumptions of resource estimation, the advantages and limitations of commonly used techniques, and the decision and implementation processes which are paramount to successfully estimate resources and reserves.

Case studies ranging from industrial minerals to base and precious metals such as copper and gold will be used to highlight recommended methods and practices. All case studies are drawn from Mr. Rossi’s extensive worldwide experience.

For a copy of the FULL AGENDA, please request thru:
Eugene Azucena – Senior Marketing Manager
+65 6557 9168;

Twitter: @NeoedgeSG

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