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PRESS Information: Industry leaders from various industries to gather in Johannesburg to discuss the latest on EPC Management

Immediate Release:
Industry leaders from various industries to gather in Johannesburg to discuss the latest on EPC Management
Neoedge Energy Edge to hold Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Management Masterclass in Johannesburg, South Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa 6th October 2015 — The upcoming “Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Management Masterclass,” happening on the 25th to 27th November 2015, is a well-researched event organised by Neoedge, a top events company in Singapore. Its agenda aims to instil an in-depth analysis of EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contracts, their interface with other project documents and their role in the project life-cycle.

The event is especially designed mainly for EPC Contracts in Southern Africa and yet both Eastern and Western parts of Africa will be a relevant part of the geographical spread for this 3-day course.

Neoedge Business Analyst, Mr David Lee shared: “The course would cover a comprehensive analysis of EPC contracts and the key considerations in projects and disputes where these contracts are being used.”

While the event is timely and vital to the industry, it will be led by an expert trainer and practitioner: Mr James Bremen, Partner at Herbert Smith Freehills LLP. Mr Bremen has over 15 years of experience in the world’s largest and most complex construction projects. He has worked on both project documentation and claim resolution in massive construction arbitrations under all the procedural rules, in the power, oil and gas, and major infrastructure sectors in over 25 countries.

Other key takeaways to benefit from the course


  1. Learning, in detail, the issues to be addressed when negotiating EPC contracts.
  2. Developing an awareness of the procurement options for projects and the associated risks and opportunities.
  3. Considering alternative pricing, incentivisation and risk allocation approaches and learning about current market trends.
  4. Developing an understanding of the current EPC market and the legal risks associated with such forms of contracting.
  5. Learning what the major areas of dispute may be in construction projects and how to manage them.
  6. Developing an understanding of the key specificities of construction projects in emerging markets.

Lee continued that: “It is about time that Africa’s EPC industries should take on the major areas of dispute during the construction phase and likewise its proper management. Aside from addressing the key commercial and technical issues in the construction market today, the delegates will also learn on the major terms and perspectives from owners, contractors and lenders.”

More information about Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Management Masterclass:


About Neoedge:

Neoedge is headquartered in Singapore. Neoedge has been organising premier events all around the world including Port-of-Spain, Buenos Aires, Bogota, Hamburg, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Accra, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Mumbai, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh, Perth, Manila, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, et cetera.

For more information, contact Eugene Azucena on +65 6557 9168;

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