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Why is it crucial to understand safety through design and equipment lifecycles?

Asset Integrity Management & Risk-Based Inspection Masterclass
Hilton Trinidad and Conference Centre, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago
8 – 11 March 2016

Every hour of unplanned and planned downtime can result in significant lost revenue. Research shows the most significant failures in a plant typically account for 80% of operating losses. Identifying why these specific failures occurred and implementing workable corrective measures that prevent future failures represents value-added opportunities for organizations to maximize its overall profit. Therefore, organizations today are making it top priority to re-evaluate safety, maintenance, inspection and turnaround practices to optimize plant efficiency.

Neoedge’s 4-day master class of ‘Asset Integrity Management & Risk-Based Inspection’ will empower participants with advanced tools and methodologies to successfully plan, initialize and implement the latest safety, inspection, maintenance and integrity assurance plans. Participants will also benefit from the
real-life case studies, industry videos, failure analysis and software tools thereby cultivate innovative solutions to reshape their asset integrity management, inspection and maintenance practices.

Cutting-Edge Course HIGHLIGHTS

> LEARN about the latest industry trends in safety, maintenance and inspection activity
> UNDERSTAND the importance of incorporating asset management (new ISO 55001 Standard), risk and reliability into Asset Integrity Management, for greater plant safety, reliability and efficiency
> DISCOVER safety through design, equipment lifecycles and a more cost-effective alternative to traditional inspection and maintenance activity
> IDENTIFY & DISCUSS mitigation strategies to lower the risk of equipment failures
> LEVERAGE your knowledge on unique risk drivers for pressure equipment, topsides equipment, storage tanks and pipelines
> UPGRADE inspection & turnaround planning through the latest inspection, maintenance and NDT technologies
> GAIN hands-on experience in developing cost effective inspection, maintenance plans and Integrity Operating Window’s (IOW’s)
> PRIORITISE benchmarking, audit/control and the development of KPI’s
> BENEFIT from the exclusive opportunity for participants to pick brains of a leading asset integrity management expert – bring your inspection and maintenance planning challenges along to receive expert feedback and direction

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