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Mobile Commerce: Optimizing Revenue through Market Engagement and Innovative Technology

For Immediate Release:

Title: Mobile Commerce: Optimizing Revenue through Market Engagement and Innovative Technology

Neoedge’s Mobile Commerce Asia event to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, joined by Gemalto and more Industry Experts

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 5th February 2016 — On its 8th year, the premier mobile commerce event in Asia which annually features a good mix of speakers and panelists from the mobile commerce space is coming back to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

This exciting event will be held on the 15th-16th March 2016 at the GTower Kuala Lumpur Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This year’s theme is “Revenue Optimization through Market Engagement and Innovative Technology.”

Ms Jhorden Niño-Jaja, Business Development Director at Neoedge Telecoms and Research said: “We are inviting all relevant executives in the mobile commerce space to come join us in the largest and longest running Mobile Commerce summit in Asia as we are featuring the latest issues in the Mobile Payments, Mobile Banking, Mobile Money Transfer, and Mobile Shopping among others. We shall also feature industry speakers that should not be missed.”

“We are also happy to share that this event is in partnership with the British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce (BMCC) as its Event Affiliate and Gemalto as the event’s Associate Sponsor.”, Niño-Jaja added.

The summit will include expert panels discussing the factors influencing the M-Commerce revenue optimization including:

>> Ensuring dynamic market growth and development with further measures by Regulatory bodies & Standards

>> Leveraging New Technologies and Infrastructures to enhance Competitive Advantage

>> Advancing Interoperability to achieve high efficiency

>> Creating Synergies among Mobile Banking, Mobile Payments, Mobile Money Transfer and MobileShopping

>> Factors that Mobile Commerce consumers prioritise in Mobile Apps for Business use

>> Enhancing Security to minimize fraud without compromising Convenience

>> Leveraging on personalised Marketing and SocialNetwork Experience

>> Develop engaging Mobile Web and Mobile App experiences and incorporating with Business Strategy

>> Expanding Mobile Commerce in Rural Market

>> Identifying, reaching, connecting, and engaging seamlessly for consumers using Multiple Devices for Transactions


About Neoedge (TELECOMS & Mobile Financial Services)

Neoedge is a business media company that aims to serve the corporate world with integrity and excellence by providing cutting edge business intelligences and creating high value networking opportunities. Neoedge identifies pressing issues that the corporate world is facing. Neoedge events are developed based on careful and original research including extensive and direct interactions with potential participants in the market. Neoedge events are distinguished by delivering premier value to customers in a sustainable means. Neoedge is your long term corporate business partner.

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