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4 More Reasons Why You Should Attend PPP Financing, Policy and Law Master Class

PPP - JNB 2016 - Banner1

Event Title: PPP Financing, Policy and Law Master Class
Event Venue: The Capital Empire
City: Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa
Date: 7-10 June 2016

1. Government: Content includes issues such as assessing value for money and advice on procurement

2. Banks and other Financial Institutions: Detailed introduction to project finance and its interface with PPPs

3. Lawyers: Grasp important financial concepts of project finance and links these to legal structuring

4. Contractors, Engineering and Consulting companies: Understand important concepts to engineers and other non-financial specialists so they can see how their work interfaces with PPP and project-finance requirements; no prior knowledge of PPPs or project finance is assumed

For a copy of the FULL AGENDA, please contact:
Eugene Azucena
Senior Marketing Manager
Telephone: +65 6557 9168

Event Website:

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